My name is Brett Lock and I write. I suppose some might like to know why, but I have no glib answer. I could write some romantic drivel about a need to express my inner feelings or to document the world around me – and to some extent that is true – but there are many ways to do that (of which creative writing is only one: there’s also screaming.) so I guess the truth is I write because it is something I think I’m good at and I get some pleasure out of seeing what I have produced on a page. That is why I have set out my work here.

I also write because I like to play in a band, and bands need songs, and songs need lyrics. I realised earlier on that lyrics are harder for most to master than playing an instrument but, by sheer luck, they came relatively easy to me. Thus, if I produced them, my band-mates would be less likely to notice that I hadn’t practised. Maybe they did. Maybe that’s why I ended up the bass player.

Whatever the reason, this work is now here and I’m laying it out before you. I hope you enjoy it and take something of it away with you.

PS. If you’d like to hear some of my songs, I have a Spotify playlist of some of them which are commercially available.