Electricity is not very expensive
all said and done and now it is too late
to take back words my mother always said
once you give it away it is not yours
anymore spite cuts no ice I’m afraid
and rules are rules are rules
I am a man now mom thank you I know
most things about myself are clear
when the lights are on I can see
everything has some significance
the wart on my knuckle must go
and my nails need clipping and now
I have shaved my head very close
number two please is easy
I have been told I have a bald spot
about the size of a ten cent piece
where I evidently bashed my head
somewhere in childhood I cannot see it
but I can feel it and I am often told
so I must believe it must I not
all the lights are on tonight and
there is a noise at my gate no luck
someone is lost that’s all

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