I am not familiar nor should I ever be with
jew-boy or kike my mother spared me that
by turning from god to the sermon on the mount
with all good intentions but slept too late on the day
so we proceeded unchartered with no affiliations
and consequently no taunts from other clans
because we could fit in anywhere and kept our mouths shut
from then on and happily I might add but now there is this
I have learned five commandments
and guessed a few more and they all call
to love or comment on the subject on each other
to build my certain morality I became a man
early earlier than expected by my father
who I passed along the road and waved
see I can love in spite of all the lessons
because lessons are not rules and rules are
what I live by are names for my love god-dammed
names for my love and each one still sanctioned
by god or the gods that I construct with
strong arms to hold me
to my promise that I will love
regardless of names I saw you and I want you

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