How long I have practised to have this
skill of instant recall of words on a page and where
approximately I will find them and now finally
how they sound making my memory magnetic
analogue as I dBase your voice for syllables
and calculate how you will say my name
when it comes to that and it will
seventeen variations I have catalogued
for all contingencies but I beg
be gentle please be gentle
my ambassador it will be filed away some
kind of antimatter memory that scrapes
at the nerve and the hero becomes
the pestilence that blights the brain
forcing that ugly yellow toothy grin
and dribbles and stains the fabric
of all loves and lusts that have gone
before this one are soundtracked
by that one monosyllabic taunt
Brett in instant recallable unerasable
magic intelligence I recognise my name
and the meaning that my parents intended
flying in the face of celtic grammar
I do not occupy anywhere so please
be gentle please be gentle

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